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If you don’t already own a sweet ride – I am guessing Bike Week is making you feel mildly left out.  Worry no more! We have a selection of bikes from a low price range to a higher price range.  We take our biking pretty seriously over here and believe everyone should have one.  It […]...

Bike Day Playlist

We could make a playlist for anything we do – literally Shay and I soundtrack our lives constantly.  Without music things wouldn’t be HALF as amazing as they already are.  This playlist in particular is a few of our faves this summer, a couple from our silent dance party, and several that just make us […]...

Solé Sunday Safari

We discovered the Solé fixed gear bikes while browsing an issue of Architectural Digest…and true to form contacted them directly!  We ended up heading down to their HQ and learning a bit about the company and picking out the bikes we wanted with a little extra customization – “Shay Buttah” and “Mikey” down the frame, respectively.  Since […]...

Spin Classes

Los Angeles is a mecca for all things healthy and good for you!  We like to try new exercises, food, drinks and anything healthy we can get our hands on.  One thing we are huge fans of though is spinning.  Spin classes are an awesome workout for all different levels – most classes incorporate upper […]...

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 We want you to ride a BUYcycle! Take a look at some of these badass rides in www.amoreandvita.com @amoreandvita @shaym @michaelablaney #bikeweek   This week is Bike Week on www.amoreandvita.com and we couldn't be more excited! We are kicking it off with Spin Classes and our fave studios as well as some gear...let's ride! @amoreandvita #amoreandvita @shaym @michaelablaney   Never a dull moment over at @amoreandvita HQ - our good friend @graymalin scooped us at the crack of dawn to shoot this for you all! What's beach week without bathing suits? Here are our faves on www.amoreandvita.com #amoreandvita @michaelablaney @shaym #beachweek  Beach week wouldn't be the same without a beach inspired mani from the fab @stephstonenails - here is our crushed shell (real shell!!!!) mani! Try it out on www.amoreandvita.com @amoreandvita @shaym @michaelablaney #mani #nailart #beachweek
 We like to soundtrack just about everything in our lives...so checkout our Bike Day Playlist on www.amoreandvita.com  @amoreandvita #amoreandvita @michaelablaney @shaym #bikeweek   Take a Moment... || #amoreandvita  No beach trip is complete without a visit to a taco stand. We have replicated our favorite Fish Tacos and made them easy to make from your own home. Bite into these on www.amoreandvita.com @amoreandvita #amoreandvita @michaelablaney @shaym #beachweek   This week...life's a beach!!! And we are kicking off beach week with our top sunscreen picks! The sun is still beaming and it's important to protect that skin of ours: www.amoreandvita.com #amoreandvita @shaym @michaelablaney @amoreandvita #beachweek
 You can't have bike week without riding a kickass bike so @amoreandvita teamed up with Venice Beach locals @solebicycles for a Sunday Bike Safari! Check out our #abovethebars adventures on www.amoreandvita.com !  @shaym @michaelablaney #amoreandvita #bikeweek  Life was a beach this past week! If you missed any of beach week...don't worry...it's all still there! From tacos to tanning we have it! @amoreandvita #amoreandvita #beachweek  (Photo cred @graymalin)  By popular demand...here is what we are reading on the beach these days!! Also our good friends who happen to be amazing authors - @valfrankel & @JacobTomsky - have shared their fave reads that our definitely beach worthy! Check it out on www.amoreandvita.on @amoreandvita @shaym @michaelablaney #amoreandvita #beachweek   Take a moment || #amoreandvita @amoreandvita