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STYLE FOR MILES I definitely have a vibe. And it’s black, white and cremes. Everyonce in a while I get crazy and throw in brown or my favorite color olive green…. I know, I’m wild! I tend to only wear the same colors as dogs. But when you keep some sort of color story to […]...


WINDOWS DOWN / MUSIC UP MMMMMM today is Thursday so I get to talk about my favorite subject. And as I write this I am sitting shotgun on the way out to the palm desert to have a music getaway with a bunch of my musician friends. I am the only non musician invited. I consider […]...


SOFAS ARE THE NEW STILETTOS When I was young I was a total gypsy that never lived in one city for more than seven minutes, yet I always bought furniture. I would buy furniture with nowhere to put it, I would paint and fix up all my rentals, then move four days later. I would […]...

Art Direction & Styling//

THE ONLY GLAMOROUS PART OF A PHOTOSHOOT IS THE PICTURE Don’t be fooled. The only glamorous part of being an art director and stylist is the picture. The days are pretty amazing yes! But glamorous?? Not so much…I have to say, i’ve really figured out the system, because I have found myself in a fashion […]...

Leanne Ford // About

Ever since launching Amore & vita, the inspiration leading up to it and that continues to evolve is truly inspired by a handful of people in our lives we are lucky to call friends. One of those happens to be our stunning, industrious and always smiling friend, Leanne Ford.  She beams beauty, brilliance, ideas, inspiration and […]...

Workout Fashion Picks

We love to look good everywhere we go – and the athletic-leisure department is not excluded.  Workout gear has never looked so good and when you look good, you feel good.  Invest in a couple good pieces that give you confidence as well as comfort and performance.   Below are some of our favorite fashion […]...

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 This babe is riding her style onto www.amoreandvita.com - We can't get enough of @leannefordstylist and luckily for all of us we have an out of this world bonus post tomorrow! ✌️#AvxLeanneFord #AV @shaym @michaelablaney  @tarzinichols  For all you #decor and #interior #design lovers out there @leannefordstylist shows us her dreamy projects with some of her fave shops and tips :: www.amoreandvita.com #AVxLeanneFord  And creativity...We can't wait to show you guys what's in store for this week   Another workout to get your butt in gear from @michaelablaney and Aussie ass-kicker @kellie_johnsonfitness  Check it out on www.amoreandvita.com #amoreandvita #WorkOutWeek
 Can she do everything? This songwriting beauty has some major appreciation for good talent and music...and we have a playlist perfectly curated for us! www.amoreandvita.com @amoreandvita @leannefordstylist   Today @leannefordstylist breaks down her roll as an Art Director/Stylist in a laugh-out-loud editorial - Read it on www.amoreandvita.com #AVxLeanneFord  Today is all about our top workout fashion picks on the blog! When you look good, you feel good!  #WorkOutWeek @michaelablaney @shaym  Oh hey now! This babe @adrianneho is bringing her SweatTheStyle.com workout over to Amore & Vita - see how she works it out on the blog  #WorkOutWeek @shaym @michaelablaney
 "When you feel good about your home that carries over into the rest of your life.  And if a room is an outfit, then the sofa is the stiletto, and the lighting is the jewelry." - @leannefordstylist #AVxLeanneFord  This mega babe @leannefordstylist is blessing us with her brilliant and creative presence ALL week! She happens to be a bestie of @shaym and @michaelablaney and we assure she will get your creative juices flowing...go to www.amoreandvita.com and be inspired all week! ✨ #AVxLeanneFord  The Amore & Vita work-it-out playlist is up on the blog! Choose a workout, grab your headphones and sweat  What do you listen to while working out? #WorkOutWeek @shaym @michaelablaney  We are working it out all week on Amore & Vita - Starting with this ass kickers boxing workout on the blog: www.amoreandvita.com - See how Shay get’s HER sweat on! #WorkOutWeek #AmoreandVita @michaelablaney @cynthiaczarnecki