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Summer Beach Reads

There is nothing quite like lying on a beach in the sun or shade and reading a really good book.   We all seem so busy, and when we get a moment, we usually turn on the TV and tune out.  Try heading to a beach (or lake, or park) and relax with a good book while […]...

Beachy Shell Nails

For Beach Week I wanted to do an ocean inspired manicure using actual crushed seashells! I got this amazing shell nail art kit from Ciate nails and this was the opportunity to give it a try and give it our own twist. If you don’t have the Ciate nail art kit, you can probably find […]...

Super Sunscreens

The summer is almost over for most BUT the sun is still shining and beaming down.  Your skin is something that is constantly exposed to the elements and we donut give it a second thought. We have a choice though to add that extra protection is deserves to stay fresh and young.  It isn’t just […]...

Farmers Market Week

This week our focus was on the Farmers Market.  We are huge fans of hitting up the local markets and browsing the aisles for fresh food and artisan products.  Along with the markets, comes farm to front door services, market inspired recipes and cute outfits to go along with it all.  Check out the posts form […]...

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 Beach week wouldn't be the same without a beach inspired mani from the fab @stephstonenails - here is our crushed shell (real shell!!!!) mani! Try it out on www.amoreandvita.com @amoreandvita @shaym @michaelablaney #mani #nailart #beachweek   Farmers Market Week was just here and we loved every minute of it! If you missed our tips for the market, out killer recipes and market fashion it's all still there...take a browse on www.amoreandvita.com #amoreandvita @shaym @michaelablaney @amoreandvita #farmersmarketweek || Special thanks to our contributions from @goodeggsla @stillhazart @cleobella @birkerstockusa @katiedeanjewelry @rayban @eugeniakimnyc  Our go-to farmers market inspired pasta dish...out fave!!!! See how to make it on www.amoreandvita.com @amoreandvita #amoreandvita @shaym @michaelablaney #farmersmarketweek  #amoreandvita || Take a Moment @amoreandvita
 This week...life's a beach!!! And we are kicking off beach week with our top sunscreen picks! The sun is still beaming and it's important to protect that skin of ours: www.amoreandvita.com #amoreandvita @shaym @michaelablaney @amoreandvita #beachweek    Wrapping up farmers market week with our go-to look for strolling the markets in comfort and style on www.amoreandvita.com @amoreandvita #amoreandvita @shaym @michaelablaney || @cleobella @eugeniakimnyc @birkenstockusa @katiedeanjewelry @rayban @DHallLifestyle  Missed the market? Have no fear @goodeggsla is here....and other amazing local, sustainable and mostly organic food delivery services! Check it out on www.amoreandvita.com @amoreandvita #amoreandvita @shaym @michaelablaney #farmersmarketweek  Pool party week is over BUT you can still check it out on www.amoreandvita.com @amoreandvita #amoreandvita @shaym @michaelablaney #poolpartyweek
 Take a moment || #amoreandvita @amoreandvita  Are you a fig fan like ourselves? Well this current farmers market fine is the highlight of this earl grey fig newtons from our friends @stillhazart - Find them on www.amoreandvita.com @amoreandvita #amoreandvita @shaym @michaelablaney #farmersmarketweek  The Farmers Market Guide! Tips and tricks for a breezy farmers market visit on www.amoreandvita.com @amoreandvita #amoreandvita @shaym @michaelablaney #farmersmarketweek  Stay afloat and creat photo-ops with these killer pool toys! Check it out www.amoreandvita.com @amoreandvita #amoreandvita @shaym @michaelablaney #poolpartyweek || Swimsuit @camiandjax