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Green Smoothies

Shay and I are big foodies – and look forward to the next meal after we have just finished our current one.  We both started to get into an unhealthy routine of waking up SUPER early, skipping breakfast, and going past the point of hungry…NOT GOOD!  As we both lead very active and busy lifestyles it […]...

Evergreen Outfits

Green isn’t our favorite color, but this season is full of awesome evergreen items – that are actually quite neutral.  From candles to jewels we chose our favorite pieces from all different brands and price points. Click on an item below to see more details: Stay tuned for some of our green outfits!...

“Forever Green” Wreath

I know, I know, it’s not even Thanksgiving but we have to stay ahead in the seasonal game.  So move over Martha, Amore & Vita is in town!  And in lieu of “Evergreen” week and lack of real “evergreen” in LA, we have come up with the perfect holiday decor item that will stay green ALL […]...

Wanderlust: Evergreen Ski Resort Edition

Shay and I are both born and bred in colder climates…so snow capped evergreen trees are our jam…in moderation.  We will be going home to Vancouver at Christmas but will not leave without taking a trip to Whistler where evergreens, snow and all things winter will be.  We also have a couple other places on […]...

EverGREEN Mani

For Evergreen week, I thought it would be fun to do a green manicure that experimented with different textures! I used a Ciate nail Kit to create a glittery twist on the French Tip with some caviar bead accent nails. But, don’t worry- if you don’t have access to the kit, you can definitely find […]...

Giving Thanks

  Feather Mani For thanksgiving week I wanted to do a feathered nail tutorial in representation of the Turkey!… Don’t worry you can get feathers from your local craft store without bothering any real birds. This look is perfect for fall and will be a great look to wear to Thanksgiving dinner! It’s incredibly simple […]...

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 Aloha! Nature is evergreen, clothes can be green and WE try to be as green as we can, especially for our bodies! We teamed up with our healthful friends over at @alohamoment and created two VERY tasty and VERY healthy smoothie recipes for a quick and well balanced meal! Drink it up on www.amoreandvita.com #amoreandvita @shaym @michaelablaney #alohamoment  Can you guess what's coming up this afternoon on the blog? Stay tuned...  All about thanks and gratitude on the blog!  It's what life is all about...and pizza. Check it out on www.amoreandvita.com #amoreandvita #gratitude #5minutejournal  A little Canadian twist for our American Thanksgiving cocktail from @parchedpenguin on www.amoreandvita.com #amoreandvita  #thanksgiving @shaym @michaelablaney
 Evergreen hued wardbrobe must haves: On. The. Blog. These faves all hand picked by @michaelablaney & @shaym  www.amoreandvita.com #amoreandvita  I mean, it wouldn't be Evergreen week without Ski Resorts with snow capped Evergreen trees in abundance! We have our top 3 Ski Resort picks and are just dreamin' away over here www.amoreandvita.com #amoreandvita @shaym @michaelablaney  Thanksgiving Dinner isn't complete without the perfect table setting and place cards! Thanks to @luluandgeorgia we have it made easy for your special holiday dinner! Served up on www.amoreandvita.com #amoreandvita  @shaym @michaelablaney  This feather mani on @amoreandvita by @stephstonenails is so good it makes us want to fly away..haha - Check it out on www.amoreandvita.com #amoreandvita @shaym @michaelablaney
 Did you guess what we were up to? Checkout our "forever green" festive wreath filled with shine and sparkle on www.amoreandvita.com - Move over Martha!  @shaym @michaelablaney #amoreandvita #decor  Loving this "Evergreen Mani" from our girl @stephstonenails to kick off "Evergreen Week" on www.amoreandvita.com! #amoreandvita @shaym @michaelablaney   We love our #Thanksgiving dinner but we also try to be healthy...most of the time. Try our simple, flavorful and trim turkey day recipes on www.amoreandvita.com #amoreandvita  @shaym @michaelablaney  Come catch up in all the cozy-ness from last week #Cozy theme! Www.amoreandvita.com #amoreandvita