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Plaid Nails

Plaid nails can look really challenging to recreate, but they can be a lot more simple than they look! For plaid week I wanted to show you just how easy it really is to paint a plaid pattern on your nail. I chose this color pallet based on one of my favorite classic plaid shirts […]...

Radiant Orchid Week

Check out what you missed from Radiant Orchid week! Radiant Orchid Color-Blocked Mani   For this manicure we wanted to incorporate the pantone color of the year ‘Radiant Orchid’ as well as other beautiful purples found in the flower itself! I decided to take three different beautiful purples to create a modern, color blocked, take […]...

Purple Palette

This weeks purple palette clothing got us so excited!  We planned a shoot for you guys and everything but life happened… below are the purple pieces that would have been featured on us, for you! Enjoy!!!!!!...

Purple Pouts


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 This could be a favorite week for @michaelablaney! #PlaidWeek is here! And we are launching it off with a #ManiMonday plaid tutorial from @stephstonenails - "check" it out on www.amoreandvita.com @amoreandvita #amoreandvita @shaym #plaidweek  Purple Palette for #fashionfriday on www.amoreandvita.com ! Shop all things purple for Fall 2014 @amoreandvita #amoreandvita @shaym @michaelablaney #radiantorchid  There's the perfect amount of purple in this salad! Combining a couple simple components, this salad is delicious and fresh utilizing this seasons perfect shade! Check it out on www.amoreandvita.com @amoreandvita #amoreandvita @shaym @michaelablaney #radiantorchidweek  Dog week held a special place in our hearts - if you missed it, well it's all still there! Check it out on www.amoreandvita.com @amoreandvita #amoreandvita #dogweek
 Take a Moment... || #AVQuotes @amoreandvita #amoreandvita  Pucker Up  Radiant Orchid Lip Looks on www.amoreandvita.com || We pulled 4 of Shay's top purple pouts check it out! @amoreandvita #amoreandvita @shaym @michaelablaney || @carlenekmakeup @patrickta  It's #RadiantOrchidWeek on the blog and purple is our inspo! Checkout today's #manimonday from @stephstonenails - chic color blocking done in 5 easy steps!  @amoreandvita #amoreandvita @shaym @michaelablaney  Dog Dayz & Dresses on www.amoreandvita.com! Who says you can't mix walking your pup with fashion...if we can, you can too! See our simple outfit for a nice stroll on the blog || @shaym @michaelablaney @amoreandvita #amoreandvita #dogweek #fashionfriday #angel
 Did you miss Radiant Orchid week? Don't worry it's all still there for you to see! Www.amoreandvita.com @amoreandvita #amoreandvita  This beautiful libation will not disappoint! With only two ingredients but bursting with floral flavors and of course purple - our friends over at @parchedpenguin made sure this cocktail was #RadiantOrchid approved www.amoreandvita.com @amoreandvita #amoreandvita @shaym @michaelablaney   Take a Moment... || #avquotes @amoreandvita #amoreandvita  Did you see our simple and sweet frozen treats on www.amoreandvita.com! Angel loved them and your pups will too! @amoreandvita #amoreandvita #dogweek